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StarFall Creative Collective is a volunteer-led organization that aims to support artistic expression and to develop connections within our creative community. We are collaborating with local Akron art organizations to provide community events and support - with inclusion, accesibility and equity in mind. We understand that being an artist and pursuing a creative passion can often be a very independent experience. We believe that connecting with your community and local resources can help you unleash your creative light and shine.  Join us in our mission to support local artists and celebrate creative thinking!


Community Art Nights

Art is for everyone, and everyone is welcome to participate in our community art making nights! Where art and community come together to create. Meet new people, express your creativity, and have fun. Whether you're an experienced artist or a beginner, there's a place for you here.

Currently, our Art Nights are held at Summit ArtSpace in Akron! It is a perfect pairing to enjoy an evening of social art-making and creativity. Random materials will provided, but we encourage you to bring your own project - sketchbook, crochet, painting, etc etc.

Craft De-Stash

Are you an artist looking to declutter your workspace and find new materials to work with? Join us for our Craft Destash Pop Up Events! Bring your unused art supplies to swap and trade with other artists. Let's create a more sustainable and collaborative art community together.

This event is in development with Akron Soul Train and more information will be provided soon.

We are looking for a permamenant location to host a Craft Destash Closet. As a volunteer organization this development will take time!

Resource Database

We are currently working towards the creation of an online resource database for NE Ohio Visual Artists. The version now hosted on this website is still being updated but will serve as an interim example of what we hope to accomplish! NE Ohio encompasses Akron, Cleveland, Kent, Canton, and other surrounding NE Ohio areas.


We aim to update this database with information about local arts organizations to make reserach easier. There are many amazing local resources available for artists, and we hope to connect you to them! We are always seeking suggestions for new information to include, so contact us! 

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Creative Community Survey

Help us support artists! 

Fill out this short 14-question survey about what type of artist or maker you identify as and what programs would benefit you and the community! 

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